Borzoi Resources

There is a lot of information about the Borzoi breed. Starting with old transcripts of the breed´s beginning some 700 years ago. Trough silent black/white movies from the early 1900´s. Up to todays wealth of information on the internet.
The Borzoi breed dates back to the 13th century. It has always been the hunting dog, used by Russian royalty and the aristocracy, to hunt wolves and hares on the steppes and open plains. 

Here I have tried to gather some of the resources about the history, health, breeders, pedigrees, clubs and shows regarding Borzoi. Hope you will enjoy them, and learn something new about this fantastic breed.

Pedigree database
Fun Fact
Tolstoy has a story about a man, 
who exchanges his girl for a Borzoi dog.
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